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Gallium Flex Tile Curved LED Series

The Flexible Led Tile For Circular Displays

Gallium Series


Vanguard's flexible tile, indoor Gallium series is available from P1.2 to P4 pixel pitches. This series can be used to create a much more severe curvature than with a typical flat video LED panel which is limited to 5-10 degrees between cabinets. With minimum diameters of 45" concave and 30" convex, the design capabilities of this product are endless. Easy assembly with the custom framework and magnetized modules allows for simple installation.

Gallium Series

Additional Features

  • Tile weight of only 6.2lbs.

  • Can curve either concave or convex with very tight diameters.

  • Low Power Consumption

  • 14-bit grayscale

  • Front serviceable

  • Superb color & brightness uniformity

  • Refresh rates of 1920Hz

  • Brightness of 800 nits


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