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Terbium Series

Terbium- Seamless LED Simulation Dome

The Seamless Led Simulation Dome Display

Terbium Series


Vanguard's Terbium Series is a ground-breaking LED dome for the simulation industry. Available in P1.56 these enclosed domes made from contiguous LED panels, create seamless, highly detailed images with arc minutes of 6.55. This is the ideal LED display for a simulation application as the level of immersion can be up to 360 degrees. Projectors are finicky, require edge blending, images are washed out by ambient light, and bulbs are expensive to replace. LCD panels cannot create curved seamless images. The Vanguard Terbium Simulator is suitable for military, maritime,  helicopter, airplane, and aerospace applications. Diameters of 6.56', 8.21', 9.84', 11.48', 13.12' & 16.4' are available

Terbium Series
Terbium Series

Additional Features

  • P1.56 & P1.8mm fine pixel pitch allows for high-resolution imaging.

  • Customizable Color temperature between 3200-9500K

  • Superb color & brightness uniformity

  • Refresh rates of up 3840Hz

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