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Argus 3D Video Displays

The Vanguard Argus 3D Series creates three-dimensional, high-resolution graphic images without the use of eyewear or special glasses.



The Argus 3D Series from Vanguard LED Displays is a revolutionary new product that can enhance the immersion of any location.


When displaying 3D content the Argus series allows viewers to enjoy a 3D experience without the need for glasses or headsets. This series can be implemented both indoors and outdoors and can be scaled to any size.

Argus 3D Series

Additional Features

  • No glasses are needed for immersive 3D content!

  • Created with a 90-degree angle using our

  • Zirconium Mini Flexible tiles or Fixed Die-Cast Aluminum frame with soft rubberized modules for seamless curves and angles.

  • P1.9 to P3.9 available.

  • Custom sizes available.

  • Outdoor-rated displays are available.

  • 900 Nits.

  • 3840HZ Refresh Rate.

  • Color Depth >4096.

  • Viewing Angle of 140/140.

  • Driven via Novastar control systems.


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Argus 3D Technical Specifications

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