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Antares Outdoor Fine Pitch Series

The World's First Ultra-High Resolution Outdoor LED Display Cabinet

Antares Fine Pitch Series


Vanguard LED Displays' Antares Outdoor Fine Pitch Series stands as a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of outdoor LED display technology. Our InvisiGuard Epoxy Coating ensures optimal impact and outdoor ingress protection, standing firm against harsh weather conditions without compromising on quality.


With pixel pitches as fine as P1.25 and brightness exceeding 3500 CD/m2, our Antares series is designed to display vivid, crystal-clear visuals in any setting, at any time. This series offers IP65/54 rating for outdoor suitability, along with a front installation and maintenance feature for ease and convenience.


The super-slim, shockproof design also enables ultra-thin wall mounting, saving significant space compared to traditional installation methods. Our SuperLock technology provides additional safety to prevent accidental falls.

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Additional Features

  • Resolution : P1.25 P1.56 P1.95 P2.6 P2.97 P3.9

  • InvisiGaurd Impact and Ingress Protection

  • IP 65/54 Suitable for outdoor conditions

  • Brightness >3500 CD/m2 suitable for outdoor conditions

  • Front installation + Full front maintenance

  • Quick installation

  • Ultra-thin wall mounting to save space(55% less thickness than conventional installation)

  • Shockproof

  • SuperLock technology to prevent falling

  • Multipass CNC cutting to insure cabinet flatness perfection

Durable and efficient outdoor LED display solutions

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Technical Specifications

With Vanguard LED Displays, you are choosing the world's first outdoor fine pitch direct view LED display cabinets, designed for everyone, anywhere, anytime.

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