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Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays products

Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays

Discover the ultimate visual experience with Vanguard LED's Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display products.

What does Pixel Pitch mean?

The scientific definition of pixel pitch is the distance, in millimeters,  from the center of an LED bulb to the center of the next LED bulb.

The smaller the pixel pitch, or the shorter the distance between the LED bulbs the finer the pixel pitch.

The larger the pixel pitch the longer is the distance between the LED bulbs.

The other critical importance of Pixel Pitch is that the pixel pitch indicates the distance in meters at which a viewer will not see individual pixels. For example, if the Pixel Pitch is P4 then at approximately 4 meters from the display a viewer will not see pixelation. At P1.25 the viewer will not see the LED bulbs at 1.25 meters.

Fine pixel pitches now include P0.5, P0.7, P0.9, P1.25, P1.5. Military, medical applications and boardroom applications call for fine pixel pitches.

Churches usually use P2.5 or P4. Outdoor displays will use pixel pitches between P2.5, P3.9 and P10.

In choosing the pixel pitch for an LED video display the optimal viewing distance (OVD)  for that particular application. Another way of determining the OVD is the shortest distance from the LED display that pixelation is not apparent.

At Vanguard LED, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience. Our Fine Pixel Pitch LED displays are designed with cutting-edge technology to ensure exceptional image quality and seamless video performance in any setting.

Explore our range of LED Displays products and find the perfect solution for your needs.

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