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Zirconium Series

Wall Mountable Indoor Led Video Display

The Ultimate Fine Pixel Pitch LED Wall

Vanguard's Zirconium Series is the perfect combination of price point and resolution for today's competitive DVLED market. A larger cabinet requires less overall parts and pieces needed to achieve a large visual environment. For wall mount applications, this cabinet can be fully front serviced which eliminates the need for costly rear accessible mounts. Available in P3.1 p3.G and P4.8 indoor pixel pitches. Zirconium allows for excellent visual solutions that meets the budget.

Additional Features

  • Fully front serviceable or rear serviceable.

  • Wall mountable.

  • Large but lightweight cabinets, only 33lbs per cabinet

  • Extremely cost competitive.

  • Extra slim cabinet, only 2.8” deep.

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