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Einsteinium Series

The Einsteinium Series offers robust, weather-resistant LED displays that deliver stunning visuals in any outdoor environment.

Additional Features

  • Hot Swappable

  • Aluminum Modules

  • IC drivers allow for a customizable refresh & scan rates.

  • Receiving cards allow for custom gray levels from 14-18 bits.

  • Redundant power & data are available.

  • No internal ribbon cables. There is a single cable-less PCB connection for data & power.

  • 90 Degree angle cabinets are an available option.

  • Seam brightness compensation is a standard high grayscale & a high refresh rate.

  • Resin-encapsulated LED modules are available for superb color & brightness uniformity.

  • DC-DC Remote Power Supply available.

  • Low latency available- Reduction from 4 frames to .5 frames.

  • Contrast Ratio: 3000:1


Let’s discuss your project 

Call us today and let us help you find the perfect LED display for your next project.


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