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Michael Wiener

The Visionary CEO and Founder of Vanguard LED Displays

Michael Wiener - President and CEO of Vanguard LED Displays

Meet Michael Wiener:

Michael Wiener is the CEO and Founder of Vanguard LED Displays, a leading supplier of LED Displays in the USA.


With over 5 decades of entrepreneurial experience and a background in accounting, Michael has built Vanguard on the foundation of outstanding customer service, industry-leading innovation, high-quality products, responsiveness, value pricing, and excellent after-sales service.

Education and Early Career:

Michael Wiener holds a Licentiate in Accounting and a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting and Business/Management from McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management. His solid educational foundation and determination to excel have played a crucial role in shaping his entrepreneurial journey.

Michael Wiener is a non-practicing member of the Chartered Accountants of Quebec, Ontario and
British Colombia.

Vanguard LED Displays: A Vision Realized

Michael Wiener started Vanguard LED Displays in February 2012 from a kernel of an idea. He envisioned a company that would revolutionize the LED video display industry by providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Under his leadership, Vanguard has grown rapidly and earned a reputation for innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Industry Recognition and Awards:

Vanguard LED Displays has been recognized with numerous industry awards, thanks to Michael's unwavering commitment to innovation and quality. Some of the accolades the company has received include:

  • Best in Show at InfoComm 2017

  • Best in Show at InfoComm 2018

  • Best in Show at InfoComm 2019

  • Best in Show at InfoComm 2020

  • Best in Show at InfoComm 2021

  • Best in Show at InfoComm 2022

These awards reflect the company's dedication to developing cutting-edge technology and delivering world-class products.

The Pursuit of Excellence:

Michael Wiener's relentless pursuit of excellence is evident in Vanguard's core values, which include outstanding customer service, industry-leading innovation, high-quality products, responsiveness, value pricing, and excellent after-sales service. He believes that the company's success is built on strong relationships with its clients and a commitment to standing behind Vanguard’s products, without any reservation.

Growing the Business:

Under Michael's leadership, Vanguard LED Displays has expanded its product offerings and services to cater to various industries and applications, including the military and government sectors. Vanguard is the ONLY company with TAA approval to sell to the U.S. military and government agencies, which has contributed significantly to the company's growth and success.

Personal Touch:

Michael Wiener is personally involved in the company's operations, ensuring that Vanguard LED Displays maintains the highest standards of quality and service. He is always eager to share his knowledge and expertise with clients, helping them find the perfect LED display solution for their unique needs.

As the driving force behind Vanguard LED Displays, Michael Wiener has transformed his vision into a successful, innovative company that is making a significant impact in the LED video display industry. His passion for excellence, commitment to customer satisfaction, and creativity continue to propel Vanguard LED Displays forward, setting new benchmarks in innovation and quality.

Michael Wiener's entrepreneurial spirit and passion for excellence have led him to create and lead two successful companies, Vanguard LED Displays, and Aerial Rigging. With his strong educational background, hands-on experience, and unwavering commitment to his ventures, Michael continues to make a lasting impact in the LED Display industry.

Personal Life and Interests:

When not working, Michael treasures spending time with his family and friends, waterskiing, and playing ice hockey at 77 years young. His nickname, "The Enforcer," is well-earned, reflecting his dedication and tenacity in both business and hockey.

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