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Cerium Series

Cerium Series

The Seamless Led Simulation Cylinder Display


Vanguard's Cerium Cylinder is a revolutionary way to use a curved LED wall for simulation purposes. Available in P1.56, the curved cylinder made from contiguous LED panels, create seamless, highly detailed images. Projectors are finicky, require edge blending, images are washed out by ambient light, and bulbs are expensive to replace. LCD panels cannot create curved seamless images. The Vanguard Cerium Cylinder is suitable for military, maritime, helicopter, airplane, and aerospace applications. Diameters of 6.56', 8.21', 9.84', 11.48', 13.12' & 16.4' are available.

Cerium Series

Additional Features

  • 220-degree 3-dimensional display

  • 5m (16.4’) diameter

  • 2.5m (8.2’) height/radius

  • Pixel Pitch- 1.5625

  • 6.55 arc/minutes

  • No need to edge blend as the LED display is one contiguous unit that yields seamless, highly detailed

  • images with superb color and brightness uniformity.

  • Images are not affected by ambient light or shadows.

  • The images are always sharp, and bright.

  • No expensive bulbs to replace.

  • Display only needs to be set-up once.

  • Multiple projectors require constant adjustment.

  • Low power consumption.

  • Modules with bad LEDs can be replaced literally in seconds.

  • Projected useful life of 100,000 hours.


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